What is Lifestyle PR?


It’s a particularly exciting time to work in the lifestyle category as innovation and imagination are helping to pioneer new niche segments and evolving traditional markets. Peek inside the portfolio of a lifestyle PR firm like Bay Bird Inc and you will see they represent lifestyle brands or multiple categories of brands that collectively equal a lifestyle. First though, we should probably define the term “lifestyle.” We love the way that Alexis Rodriguez of The PR Closet put it: “lifestyle” is often used to describe the way an individual lives, or the manner in which they live their lives from day to day. It can be below, within, or above their means, so lifestyle public relations usually tends to cover all of the things that people aspire to have, to achieve or to maintain a certain lifestyle. That can include dining at the newest chef-driven restaurant, to drinking small batch spirits and craft beer, to fashion, beauty, travel and hospitality, and other tangible consumer products such as organic protein bars and the latest tech “chic” must-haves.It’s also the landscape our team most likes to work within. It’s relatable and therefore inherently personal. For us, it’s the personal interest and identification that make a significant difference, which is why we choose to specialize in this segment.